Cambiare Lavoro Cambia la Vita !

A Life Changing Retreat in Italy

vernazza wallpaper 8The Residential Workshop it' a 2 and a half days full immersion seminar on Personal Growth and Career Development dedicated to your future and has the main goal to guide you trought life and career transitions and teach the way to do it.

 This workshop helps you to: 

  • overcome the confusion on you current situation,
  • break the fear of changing,
  • implement the right strategy for you future.


The venue is:  at the Five Lands Centre. Cinque Terre, Golfo del Tigullio, Italy 

"Great location, delicious food and new insipirational italian lifestyle ideas"

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The workshop activities have a practical and experiential cut in order to explore and improve your personal scenario, through awareness techniques, self evaluation, group sharing.

Creates an inner space of research, allows a careful observation of one's own life, facilitates the sharing of one's own life and work experience, helps in defining personal strategies.

It's recommended to:

  • Those who want to develop new projects of life and work
  • Who is looking for a personal and professional change
  • Those who are looking for a job that is not just business oriented

Main topicslife changing workshop

  • Why do you want to change? Changing Awareness
  • Find out the direction you really want to go
  • Be intimate with fears, emotions, resistances
  • The human archetypes as a tool of knowledge
  • Projects sharing, finding out the way
  • Mind Mapping,a technique for orienting your life
  • Handle emotional processes, analytical / synthetic approach, creative thinking
  • Eco Communication for best interpersonal relations
  • Redefine your personal business plan (PBP methodology)

*Residential Workshop

  • 2 and a half days of experiential training
  • Reading bookmarks an file repository access 
  • Breath taking and inspirational location
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