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This Web Workshop will guide you trought the life and work exploring path in order to give all the necessary attention to the most challenging life choices that can develop many unknow opportunities.

In the three weekly modules are enclosed the major lessons and tools that are essential for any life and career change.
It is a practical and interactive transition workshop, for undestanding and operating the changing processes and it’s dedicated to all those who definetely feel a strong need of changing both on at personal and working level.

This is an online web workshop that guides you through practical and iteractive mathodologies through the fundamental steps of the work and life change, touching the following topics:

  • Find the personal transition reasons and the possible answers.
  • Open your eyes new worlds, and discover new unexpected possibilities
  • Understand your current situation with relationships, resistances and fears
  • Work on strategies and goals, an investment that can best help you in your future

This is an interactive web workshop that takes place entirely online with three weekly modules, each one subdivided as follows:

  • A theoretical information part
  • A web guided tour
  • A practical exercise that you will develop in a personal way
  • A personal tutor feed back

The web workshop begins at the time of your registration and continues on a weekly basis of the modules, you can sign up and start at any time.
The main workshop goal is to analyze and evaluate your situation and identify, through the practical activities, the steps you need to take as home work .
The readings and the practical exercises will engage you about 3 hours a week .
The innovative digital conception without any time constraints allows participants a full autonomy of work allowing at the same time a full interaction throght the tutor feedbacks.
The course will use all the digital channels: email, file sharing, online tutorials, whatsapp. In the first kit, information and technical instructions for use are included.

This web workshop is intended to:

  • Those who wish a work and life change
  • Those who already have a work experience and want to evaluate new job opportunities
  • Who has just completed a study degree and and needs a first level coaching
  • The workshop is conducted by Pier Luigi Rizzini and Giulia Romezzano (tutor)

3 weekly training kits
3 interactive exercises
3 personal feed back
Price:95 €

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